What would you do if you were not afraid ?.

My name is Sophie, I'm 29 years old and I'm from Vienna. I'm full of life, spontaneous and usually have a lot to laugh about.


I love to have breakfast or rather brunch with friends. I like to be inspired, often by the small things in everyday life and sunsets always take my breath away. I'm always optimistic and nothing fazes me that easily.

Photography has accompanied me for a long time through my dad, but I discovered my passion for wedding photography at the beginning of 2015 and learned to love it.

In addition to photography, I also gave my heart to my boyfriend, together we enjoy traveling and always discovering new places in the world.

10 Facts about me

- I love Italian food, a life without pasta and pizza? Not with me!

- I love animals and would love to have a whole zoo!

- I'm really into hats and long dresses

- I am very direct, sometimes maybe too much :-O

- my heart belongs to my 3 cats

- I would drop everything for Egg Benedict!!!

- I am very creative and always try to be helpful

- I would love to shoot a wedding in Venice someday

- I discovered my green thumb this year

- I love to travel